New Razvan Mitroi music is waiting for you!

24 February 2023

Razvan Mitroi released a brand new single "Your Love" featuring Alessandra. This time Razvan Mitroi is back in the dance scene with his fifteen single since his debut back in 2019. After being recognised by renowned artists such as Ava Max, Martin Jensen, Nicole Scherzinger, Robin Schulz, Razvan has proved his status as a rising star in the dance music scene garnering millions of streams and reaching numerous top 10s in the charts.

“Your Love" is an upbeat, danceable track that will lift your spirit and get your feet moving. The bright pianos and punchy drums set a lively, energetic tone, while the uplifting chorus delivers a message of unstoppable love. The song has a positive, happy vibe that will have you feeling good all night long, whether you're dancing alone or with a special someone. So put on your dancing shoes and get ready to lose yourself in the rhythm of this infectious, feel-good tune.

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Listen to "Your Love" here: